Turnkey solution for SEWAGE SLUDGE DRYING  for CETP

Turnkey solution for SEWAGE SLUDGE DRYING for CETP

xxxx Enviro Protection Limited

Turnkey solution for SEWAGE SLUDGE DRYING 
for CETP

Rittal Bus Technology

The Challenge:

The strict Zero-Discharge Policy by the Pollution Control Board demands each industry, to properly dispose of industrial waste and RO water. As a result, it is of utmost importance for any business to consider the best solution for the same. 
In India, wastewater from industries contains a variety of chemicals, heavy metals, and organic matter that are harmful to the soil and the surrounding environment. The challenge further intensifies once this wastewater is treated for disposal it produces Sludge, which is a semi-solid material - this needs to be removed effortlessly and optimally and under strict guidelines stated by CPCB which includes landfilling, incineration, compositing, and drying. 

The Solution:

At Velox, we take pride in providing unique solutions for Sludge Drying seamlessly and optimally. In this case, in particular, the client required a specialized vendor who could handle CETP; that incorporated state-of-the-art German Technology (Rittal Bus Technology). The engineering standard required for automation, drive handling, switchgear, busbar, and cabinets had to be seamless and hazard-free. 
The Project was handled on priority and provided the client with a sustainable solution on a turnkey basis. 

Seamless Handling of Technology: 

  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC, TP1200 HMI along with Sinamics G120 drives were supplied.
  • The profinet interface between VFDs and PLC was optimized.
  • Tuning of Speed control of the turning system (VFD and Motor) according to temperature and humidity effect was implemented successfully, making it hazard-free.


Why Velox Solutions Makes Sense

For the Client: 

  • Seamless integration of all instruments, and VFDs with the main PLC.
  • The client could achieve the required quality due to the high accuracy of process parameters.
  • Our on-site support system provided peace of mind for the client.
  • Prompt decisions were taken by the team based on visual graphics and monitoring.
  • Complete Turnkey Project with field work and Instrumentation was provided.

For the Environment: 

  • Hazard-free Volume Reduction: Efficient Sludge Drying makes it easier to transport and dandle the waste, which in turn reduces any unforeseen hazards while reducing the cost of disposal. 
  • Energy Consumption Control: During the drying process an enormous amount of heat is generated, which when done optimally can be re-used for other purposes such as generating electricity and in turn mitigating climate change. 
  • Re-Use & Recycle: The removal of nutrients, metals, and organic matter from the sludge can be reused by other surrounding industries.

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