Power Quality & Energy Management Systems

Power Quality & Energy Management Systems

We at Velox offer end to end solution in the field of power quality management. The solutions include steps like complete power & process energy audits by BEE certified auditors. Identifying the power quality improvement & energy saving areas in a well-structured audit report & offer sustainable solutions for the same.

Definite payback period is guaranteed before the project implementation!!

State of the art energy management solutions on turnkey basis is one of the important offerings from the house of Velox. We have wide range of products from a simple energy meter to a Class A power quality analyser to offer as a part of the complete system.

Our Industrial networking expertise helps the customer to seamlessly integrate all power & energy monitoring points with a central software with various protocol conversions.

The software offers the user, the most advanced features of monitoring & diagnostics. The system reporting is completely automated & it pinpoints the actual areas of concern at various organization hierarchy including top management, rather than just giving a bulk data report. The software helps the user in defining & keeping a close watch on the various cost centers within the organization. The software also helps in exactly working out the product costing for various customers!!

Our expertise in analyzing harmonics in Power Systems and effective control of the same using Active/Passive Filters helps organizations to improve power quality resulting in lower electricity bills/avoid penalties, lower maintenance/breakdown, and higher equipment life.


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