Medium Voltage Panels

Medium Voltage Panels

Siemens IPAN Medium Voltage Switchboard Open View.jpg

Siemens designed IPAN Medium Voltage (11KV/33KV) Switchboard is the most preferred switching solution across power generation, distribution, and consuming industry. Its compact design, fully loaded with safety features and compliant to the latest IS/IEC standards make it highly reliable and easy to operate and maintained.

Velox is authorised partner of Siemens for supply of IPAN MV solutions.

Product range includes

• 8BK80 Series: Indoor Metal-clad Switchgear with Vacuum Circuit Breaker on withdrawable truck upto 11/33 kV

• 8BK88 Plus Series: Air Insulated Metal-clad Switchgear with Vacuum Circuit Breaker on withdrawable truck upto 11kV



Siemens IPAN Medium Voltage Switchboard Open View

  • Designed and tested as per the Latest IS/IEC62271-200 standard.
  • Modular switchgear with PM Class of partition having extendable feature.
  • Constructional Design with Loss of Service category (LCS2B).
  • Design and tested with Protection of Resistance to Internal Arc classification (IAC) as per IEC62271-200.
  • Design with Integrated "Earth switch" (Optional) as per IEC62271-102.
  • Draw out "VT" possible both on CB Truck and in cable chamber from rear side.
  • Construction of VCB Mounted on withdrawable truck.
  • As a safety concern all switching operation performed with front door closed.
  • Fully mechanically interlocking system.
  • Accessible to cable terminals from the rear and front (Optional).
  • Earthed metal partitions and shutters prevent contact with live parts.
  • Design of our scope limited to Manufacturing of C & R Compartment, Assembly, wiring & Testing of switchboard.
  • Factory made Testing setup for each Electrical product.


Technical Specification

Nominal Voltage



Switchboard Reference Standard




IAC - Upto 40KA/1Sec

IAC - Upto 31.5KA/1Sec

VCB Standard



Rated voltage @ Frequency (50HZ)



Rated current of the feeders

Upto 3150A

Upto 2500A

Rated current of the busbar

Upto 4000A

Upto 3150A

Ambient Temperature

Max 40 Deg C

Max 40 Deg C

Rated power frequency withstand voltage (VRMS)



Rated impulse withstand voltage(VPEAK)



Rated short time withstand current (3sec)

Upto 40KA

Upto 31.5KA

Degree of Protection External compartment



Degree of Protection Internal compartment



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