Chemical Process Automation is one of the core area for Velox. We have rich experience and ready with Process Optimization and Predictive Maintenance Solutions to make Chemical Plant Industrie 4.0 compliant.

  • Reactor Automation 
  • Distillation Column Automation 
  • Spray Dryer Automation 
  • Process Energy Management 
  • Centrifuge System Automation 
  • ANFD Automation 
  • Fluid Bed Dryer 
  • Brine Chiller 
  • Solvent Dispensing System 
  • Solvent Recovery System 
  • Formulation 
  • Air Separation 
  • Hydrolysis 
  • Hydrogenation 
  • Incinerator Plants 
  • Pigment Plant 
  • Silica Plant 

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