Automation & Drive Solutions

Automation & Drive Solutions

We are one of the leading system integrator in the country. Multi locational presence allows us to cater to various industrial verticals/domains. We have proven track record of successfully executed projects based on automation solutions. A competent & experienced team makes us an automatic choice as a solution provider for high demand & complex applications.

We are authorized Solution partner of Siemens Automation product range. We have implemented various integrated Automation Solutions using different products like DCS, PLC, SCADA, HMI, etc.

Distributed Control System

Distributed Control System

SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.

PCS7 offers complete peace of mind for the users with its unique open Architecture & complete scalability. Futureproof client investment & zero shutdown time for upgradation are few of the unique offerings of PCS.

We at Velox Automation have a vast experience in implementing various configurations of Distributed control systems across the industry such as:

  • Stand-alone DCS.
  • Hot Redundant DCS.
  • Centralized I/O configuration.
  • Remote I/O configuration.
  • Zone 1 I/O configuration.
  • Flat OS architecture.
  • Server Client OS architecture
    (with redundant servers).
  • Integration with Intelligent MCC panels & VFD systems.
  • Integrated Energy Management system.
  • Remote monitoring using WEB navigator.

Highly trained & experienced team makes us a market leader in DCS business.

PLC System

PLC System

Siemens Simatic S7 range of PLC like S7 200, 1200, 300, 1500, 400, 400H, 400F/FH.

Siemens Simatic S7 range of PLC systems are one of the most comprehensive range of PLC systems on offer. Its fast data processing & high-performance instruction set sets Siemens in a different altitude of business. Velox offers PLC systems in both Factory & Process automation Environments.

  • Micro automation for small machines (S7 200, S7 1200)
  • Mid-size standalone system (S7 300, S7 1500)
  • Mid-size warm redundant system (S7 300R)
  • Large size Standalone system (S7 400)
  • Mid-size, Large Size hot redundant automation (S7 400H)
  • Hot Redundant failsafe system (S7 400F / FH)

The high-performance system of Siemens with seamless integration from Velox is a perfect blend for project success.



SCADA Software: WinCC V7.3, WinCC TIA Portal, WinCC Flexi.

HMI panels: Touch screen basic HMI, Comfort HMI, HMI with keypad, Multi panels, Mobile panels , Thin client HMI, HMI for Ex-proof applications.

Siemens SCADA & HMI systems are the most innovative & rugged product used by the industries for their process data monitoring & controls. Various SCADA combinations possible are:

  • Standalone Architecture
  • Server Client Architecture
  • Remote monitoring & control by Web navigation
  • 21CFR PART 11 compliant SCADA using the audit trails
  • Long term data archiving & retrieval using Historian

HMI can be offered for safe as well as Ex-proof area. HMI sized are available from 4” up to 15”. Remote monitoring of HMI can also be offered.



Siemens is the world leader in AC / DC drive technology. We have been able to exploit the extra ordinary features of the Siemens drives & configure them in many high demand applications. We have established ourselves as a preferred solution partner for the customers for complex multi drive application, line applications, high available drive solutions, Multi axes servo systems, Active front end drives solutions, low harmonic applications to name a few.

The product portfolio of Siemens drives is as under:

  • Sinamics G series general purpose drives
  • Sinamics G series general purpose drives
  • Sinamics V series general & servo low cost drives & servo motors
  • Sinamics S series high performance drives
  • Sinamics DC master DC drives
  • Redundant rectifier for high availability
  • Regenerative rectifiers for energy efficiency & high performance braking
  • Multi motor drives
  • Servo motors & drives
  • Multi axes Simotion controllers
  • Medium voltage drives


The complete portfolio of drives enables Velox to cover all different arrays of the industry.

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