Metal & Mining

Velox has worked extensively in this sector and gained confidence of customers to be a preferred supplier for their Automation & LV Switchgear Systems. You can see from the list that we have supplied systems for majority of processes right from Material Handling, Sponge Iron making, Sinter or Blast Furnace. We have supplied system for Steel Making as well as Casters and Mills for Flat & long products including utility systems. Complex Systems with Hot redundancy in DCS/PLC or Drives are implemented to achieve process requirements.

  • Hot Briquette Iron Making Process Automation 
  • Blast Furnace Boiler 
  • Coke Quenching System 
  • Sinter Plant 
  • Steel Making – Electric Arc Furnace 
  • Ladle Furnace 
  • Ladle Crane Automation 
  • Lime Plant 
  • HSM Reheating Furnace 
  • Continuous Slab Casting 
  • Pickling Line 
  • Acid Recovery Process 
  • Rolling Mill 
  • Roll Grinder Machines 
  • Cut to Length Machines 
  • Shearing Lines 
  • Flying Shear
  • Copper Refinery 
  • Copper Casting 
  • CSP Mill Automation 
  • Coal Washery 
  • Cranes & Conveyors

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