Siemens 8PU LV Switchboards

Licensed Partner for SIEPAN

Siemens 8PU design for low-voltage switchboard is the outcome of years of manufacturing experience with switchgear and control gear assemblies, backed by thorough investigation of current market requirements and practices. In the industry, it is now a benchmark for proven performance.

SIEPAN 8PU Low Voltage Switchboards

The standard design along with scalability ensures seamless future expansion.

It’s modular nature, designed to operate in challenging conditions of high ambient temperature and dust, supported by modern manufacturing practices, stringent quality checks & thorough type testing makes these panels unique. They are widely used across various industries such as cement, steel, refinery, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverages, data centres, hotels, hospitals, airports, metro rail projects. More than 100,000 LV switchboards have been deployed in these industries for maximum reliability and performance by Siemens & its Licensed Partners.

VELOX Automation is amongst the select few Licensed Partners for the Siemens SIEPAN 8PU totally type tested (TTA) low voltage switchboards. We offer panels with fixed as well as draw-out execution.

Our offerings include Power Control Centres, Motor Control Centres, Intelligent Motor Control Centres and PFC solutions.

These panels will be totally compliant to IS 8623 – 1 / IEC 439. They are tested according to the latest IEC 61439-1 and 2 and are fully type tested for both Aluminum and Copper busbar systems.