Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The next big revolution for digitalization of the factories and processes is IIoT or Industrie 4.0. Every business has enormous possibilities of improving the processes and optimising resources. IIoT opens a wide spectrum of opportunities for all. 

The system captures real-time data from smart sensors, instruments, relays, meters, automation systems, etc. It monitors the plant operation and brings all these data to one location (cloud or designated server). 

This captured data is used for big data management, which

  • Generates various reports to aid the user
  • Analyses the data and generates event based alarms and alerts,
  • Analyses multiple process cycles and suggests the best performance data.
  • Schedules and suggests the preventive maintenance schedule to avoid any failures and optimize the plant shutdown time.

The system derives findings from the big data and the desired output is made available in simplified form, to a group of people aiding them for the prompt and correct decision making.

We have partnered with Siemens to offer our solutions for Industrie 4.0. The Mindsphere from Siemens provides cloud based ecosystem for optimally analysing the captured data and even facilitates UI and app development. Another big area of digital twin is addressed by various solutions from Siemens. They help customer’s ideas to be conceived digitally. One can design, simulate and optimise operating conditions without actually building the real plant or machine saving big on time and costs.

The business can reap benefits in multiple way from Industrie 4.0.


  • Manpower Output Optimisation
  • Enhance Machine Production
  • Predictive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Best Operating parameters by Artificial Intelligence


  • Remote Equipment Health Monitoring
  • Remote Maintenance of Machine
  • Alarm Management with Customer for wrong operations


  • Energy Management
  • Power Quality Monitoring & Analysis
  • Electrical System Asset Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling


  • Best batch implementation
  • Safety parameters monitoring and implementation
  • Global Recipe Management
  • Corporate Process Data Optimisation

So futuristic solution with endless possibilities awaits you…At your doorstep 

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