Siepan 8 PU – Successful execution of 1st Order for M/s Daramic –
Velox is a Licensed Partner of M/s Siemens for manufacturing Siepan 8PU panels. Siepan 8PU is Siemens designed and Totally Type Tested LV Panels. These are manufactured by their Licensed partners as per Siemens Design and Quality standards.
Based on assessment of our manufacturing facility and established Quality Management System, Siemens agreed to enter the legal agreement with us to appoint Velox as Licensed Partner for manufacturing SIEPAN 8PU panels.
We are thankful to M/s Daramic, a multinational company having their new greenfield project coming up at Dahej, Dist.: Bharuch, Gujarat for entrusting us for this valuable order.
We have successfully, executed SIEPAN 8PU PCC panels having 5000A rating for M/s Daramic as per their project timeline.
With the learning from our first project on Siepan 8PU, we have raised our skill level and geared up for many more to deliver.
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